Amanda Bisk


Bird of Paradise
Paige Held
Start standing. Bring the feet slightly wider than hip width apart and fold forward. Bend the knees and start to lace the right arm behind the right leg, bringing the shoulder under the knee. Rotate the arm so the palm of the hand is facing out and reach the back of the hand to the low back. Wrap the left arm around, reaching the left hand towards the right hand and binding the fingers. Place all of the weight into the left foot and start to straighten the left leg, as you come on to the tippy toe of the right foot. On an inhale, slowly come up to standing, keeping the bind. Pause and breathe, keeping the chest open and lifted, making sure not to round forward. For a deeper stretch, try to straighten the binded leg. Hold for 3 steady breaths, then switch sides.
Good for balance. Chest, shoulder and hip stretch. Hip opener
Standard Moves presented by PUMA.